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You want to know why leader get out of control

It is a really bad thing when good people are put in the wrong position. When I was in corporate America working for such big giants like RCS, NSA and General Dynamics I often saw great people put in management roles that were horrible managers.

As a business coach dealing with small and medium size companies I see this happening daily. Often the best programmer is so technical that he or she is just not capable of dealing with other people's relationships. The dynamics of personalities are often lost on them. Everyone has the idea of promoting from within. However, is your organization set up to prepare leaders to win within your organization.

Very often these hot shot programmers who are the back bone of the new product line are promoted to management based on their management performance rather than their ability to lead and form a cohesive group.

A recent study found the following causes for leaders to become out of control.

The inability to manage relationships seems to be the biggest problem.

One would say that all businesses are about relationships. The ability to build solid and cohesive relationships is critical to the longevity of any company. Employees have stated that following someone that is emotionally volatile, manipulative or arrogant are some of the worse traits in a leader. Self-Awareness is a critical thing for leaders to have. The leader must understand how he or she is being perceived as the leader of the company. In fact, if you are not aware of your impact on your followers it is nearly impossible to get buy in to big and important ideas.

The Non-Self-aware leader will fail at building a solid team.

Organization see this as one of the biggest challenges to their success. As business coach when dealing with a group, I ask the members to tell me about the great teams they have been on and what made them great? What was the culture like? What did team members do or not do? In most cases the employees seem to come up short on answers. They seem to think of other experiences like a football team or high school. This is bad for any business. Employees are the life blood of any business.

As a leader if you have no experience of what a strong team looks like it will be very hard to build a strong team of employees. This will lead to the leader making all the decisions. I once remember a friend of mine who was a manager at a large shipping firm constantly getting calls from employees because it appeared that they did not know what to do. On one occasion one of his team members call to see if it was ok to turn the lights off before he left for the day.

Poor leaders often have an unwillingness to change their behavior and an inability to adapt to changes in the business culture. It could be said that these leaders who fail don't see the need to change despite things going badly around them.

Management Performance Juan P. Ortega of Fort Lauderdale.