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Coaching is not for everyone. One of the things we will do when we sit down is to find out if you have what it takes to go through our program. Coaching is only for business owners and operators that are seriously committed, entirely devoted and passionately driven to achieve their goals. How do we know if you would make for a good candidate? Here are a few keys to success with our programs.
How many of these qualities do you have?


- Open minded
- High level of integrity
- Willing to work as hard on themselves as in their businesses
- Open to feedback and willing to try new things
- Has a compelling reason to succeed


If these describe you and you have a business that has a massive amount of untapped potential, then I’d like to speak with you. I work with the top 1% of all businesses and help them go from good to great. Request your complimentary coaching session today and let’s discover the impact these programs could have on your business and your life. There’s no cost or obligation only benefit.

Case Study #1.


Industry: Manufacturing

Business Challenge: Employee engagement, productivity, organization and vision.

Strategy: Implemented a 12 week employee engagement program with the leaders. During these twelve weeks we established a clear company culture. Created rules of the game. Set up a clear vision for the company. Gained the commitment of each leader and what their role would be within the company. Set up quarterly goals that tied into annual goals along with key performance indicators that enabled them to track progress towards the goals.

Results: The entire dynamics of the company was transformed simply by establishing some ground rules, identify goals and improving communication. The leadership team was able to work better with each other which allowed for them to become more effective leaders to the rest of the company.




Case Study #2.


Industry: Medical

Business Challenge: A chiropractic office who had been in business was stagnant in revenue growth and was struggling to standout in a very competitive market.

Strategy: Although the doctor was managing his finances very well including insurance billing it was obvious that his main challenges were retention of patients, cross-marketing other services and not have a unique sales proposition that helped him standout from other chiropractors. We implemented several systems throughout the company that enabled he and his staff to promote the additional services that they provided. A formal referral program was established which created new patient opportunities and we walked the doctor through a process that helped him identify he unique sales proposition.

Results: The practice increase sales by over 80% over the course of 12 months and increased retention by 6 weeks due to the community program that we helped him establish.




Case Study #3.


Industry: Insurance

Business Challenge: A successful insurance company with well-known carriers and many years of experience struggles to hire, train and retain good employees and finds that the people they do have are good at insurance but not at pro-active selling.

Strategy: Utilizing our 4-hour hiring system we were able to implement some concepts that allowed the business owner to attract better people and have a more effective way to interview them to ensure they were hiring only the best candidates based on what they were looking for. We provided sales training and ongoing support for the entire team and included simple tools and techniques to ensure they would follow through on their training. Since employee turnover was an issue, we surveyed the staff and found out that the leadership style and lack of communication from the leader was the reason for staff quitting. We worked with the business owner and coached him on leadership, communication and management principles that him to transform the business.

Results: The company was able to staff up with a high quality of insurance professionals that were not only licensed to work but had the capacity to be a proactive sales force. Sales increased by 37% in the first 9 months and employee turnover was reduced by more than 70% a year later.




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