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Corporate Trainer: Juan Ortega

Won't this just mean more work? Once you know the ActionCOACH definition of a business, you will never ask this question again. Our goal is to help you build a Profitable, Commercial Enterprise That Works … Without You.

The last two words are the most important because, in the end, our goal is to have you no longer working IN the business, but, instead, working ON it. That means more time to spend doing what you want to do while the business serves you, instead of the other way around. Of course, when you set the plan with your ActionCOACH, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but no one ever said attaining your goals would be easy ...

And, yes, in the first few months, it will take some work to adjust to your new plans ... but the further you work into the program, the less work you'll actually have to do. And at the same time, your company will be more productive. Simply put, you'll be working much smarter. You will be amazed at how focused you'll be and how much you'll get done.

Corporate Trainer Juan P. Ortega of Fort Lauderdale.