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Best Business Plan Winner - Healthy Parlor Vegan

Sara Liu and her partner started a dairy-free business of sandwiches that won them $5,000. At the Binghamton Business Plan competition, judges chose the mobile vegan food café that offers healthy and affordable sandwiches. Sara is planning to open a retail center and a comfort food manufacturing which is dairy-free. She plans on using the prize from the competition.


The couple is known to sell vegan food every weekend. They offer catering services and their food cart can be found at Binghamton's farmers market.


In an interview, Sara said that she is glad that the business is expanding. They are also guaranteed a physical location for their store in the city. Aside from the $5,000, the couple will receive branding and accounting services for free.


The Binghamton Business Plan is promoted to encourage local businesses to seek growth. A press interview by Binghamton mayor, David, says that it is the longest running event in the area. In the next years, the competition will include the food and agriculture industry in order to focus on the local growth of the community.  


The business was started because Sara’s father had a heart attack. He was unable to eat his favorite mac and cheese. Sara decided to search for alternatives. She went ahead and whipped up a vegan version of mac and cheese. At first, her father is not convinced. But when he tried his daughter’s vegan mac and cheese, he was so surprised to find out that it actually tastes delicious.

Sara’s father knows that at that point, she is on the road to something great. Sara believed that if she was able to win her father’s heart, she can go ahead and win the masses’ hearts too. She became an entrepreneur and sold vegan sandwiches at her local farmer’s market.


Customers who have visited the food cart say that the place is neat and clean. The food is unique and creative. Customers say that Sara’s menu is perfect for any vegan who is in a hurry. A customer commented that he hopes Sara’s Parlor City Vegan will have an actual restaurant in the Binghamton area.  


Parlor City Vegan opens every Saturdays. From 9 am to 1 pm. They are located at 40 Upper Front St Binghamton, NY 13905.

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