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Vegan Parlor Awarded with the Best Business Plan

The story behind Sara Liu’s success took its roots from the concern that she has with her family.


Her father has suffered a heart attack which left him unable to eat his favourite meal which is mac and cheese. Her father was given a low fat diet after the heart attack.


Since she is a vegan, she sought out ways on how to make a substitute for her father’s favourite mac and cheese.

Her father who is a resident of Tioga County does not believe on her vegan ways. Not until he tried her new alternative recipe.

Her father, 35 years old, an employee of Broome County and the former director of Chemung County Habitat for Humanity was convinced that she is on the road to something great after he tasted Sara’s recipe.


She and her husband were able to start a business called Parlor City Vegan. This idea stemmed out from the recipe that is being developed by her dad who has just recovered from heart attack. The food which was originally for her dad became available to the public. She sells three products commercially.


In fact out of 6 applicants, her business won the competition for the City of Binghamton as the business which has the best plans.

One of the program administrators of SNY Broome Community College remarked that the couple’s business has the potential to flourish. Jan Hertzdog is the director of workforce development and continuing education who saw the business’ potential.

Sara first sold 10 sandwiches in 2016 at the Broome County Farmer’s Market which is located in Dickinson. She had a booth where she sells her sandwich and that booth acts like a residential kitchen. Currently, she is selling up to 100 sandwiches. She also acts as a supplier for some of the local restaurants in her area. She has currently a menu of 3 vegan cheese sandwiches.

Liu explains that what she is doing is benefiting the masses by making her vegan sandwiches available to the market.


The $5,000 that she received as a price will be used to improve the designs of her product packaging. She also plans to pay for a shelf-life study which will validate the length of time the product retains its freshness under certain storage conditions.

She is planning to go into a full product facility from her current shared commercial kitchen in Binghamton.


Sara’s business flourished because she put a great business plan and followed it systematically. If you have your own business and you want to do the same thing, you should get a business coach that will develop your personality and your team.


Turn your customers into local clients. Like Sara, developing the perfect recipe for your business is important. However, having to sell your product can be an entirely different thing.

Best Business Plan Juan P. Ortega of Fort Lauderdale.