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The Journey to Extraordinary in Business

Our Slogan. - “Best Practice” strategies for systems and processes. Transcend is a must-read for anyone who owns, runs or is in the process of starting a business. In the book Juan takes the reader the entire process that he uses in his practice and outlines the system that has been in practice for over 22 years. Every critical aspect of the business is covered including lead generation, sales and finance however what makes this book different is that it also focuses on the mindset required to create a copy that can not only survive in today’s competitive environment but actually disrupt it. You will learn:

  • The five areas of business that impact profitability
  • How to develop a winning team
  • The Transcend operating system for running your business
  • How to overcome your own limitations and release your full potential
  • The five levels of business & how to go from supplier to disruptor
Book Summary


Imagine you are running a business whether it is your own or someone else’s and you find yourself lost, stuck or simply out of ideas. Whether you’re a start up on a shoe-string budget or a multimillion dollar organization faced with huge challenges on how to survive or continue to grow. What if maybe you have a successful business that has done well and survival is no longer the goal but now your thinking about total market domination. You completely tired of playing small and being one of many who are left in the shadows of the dominators in your industry. Or even if we go to the other extreme and say that you are an entrepreneur in the making. You have an amazing idea for a business that keeps you up at night and deep down in your heart you know that sooner or later this thing, this idea that you have will take shape and form and you know you have one shot to get it right. If any of these scenarios even slightly describe you then this book is for you.



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