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Business Coaching to Increase Profitability
Increase Profitability

The primary objective for Business Coaching is to remove barriers that are preventing a company from operating at its full potential. Click on the icon to learn about the strategies we use to help businesses increase their profitability.

Business Coaching for Team Building
Team Development

A business will only be as good as the people running it. Let us help you with all staffing training and challenges starting from recruitment and training all the way to performance and engagement. Click in the icon to learn more about how to take your team to the next level.

Business Coaching for Marketing and Sales
Marketing & Sales

Every business needs to master two basic skills; how to attract new customers and turn them into raving fans. Regardless of whether you need a complete marketing overhaul or simply provide sales training for your team, we can help! Click on the icon to see how.

Strategic Planning

What would you eventually like to do with your business? Will you sell it for a big profit or pass it on to family members? Regardless of what and when this will happen, now is the time to start preparing. We can help you systemize the business and build the value so when the time comes you will be ready. Click the icon to learn more about how we can help you build a valuable business that can work without you.

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Client Results.

After opening my business, I realized I could no longer handle the stress that commonly happens to entrepreneurs. I decided to seek help through business coaching, and was blessed to have met Juan as my mentor. He worked diligently with me through all of my problems, providing practical solutions...

Adriana Wroth
President - AW Advanced Skin Care Training

I’ve been attending Juan’s speaking events for over two years now and there is a reason for my return each time. Juan presents modern day business information, tricks, and tactics in a way that leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired to get my business back on track...

Emily Ahlbum
President - EA Media & Communications

Juan Ortega is a diligent and knowledgeable business coach. He is interested in your success as a business owner and wellbeing as a business leader. Our company has worked with Juan for over a year and we can attest that his coaching has propelled our leadership and business skills to the next level...

Jillian Pickett
Executive Director - Home Instead Senior Care

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Meet Juan Ortega

I am absolutely fascinated with human potential. I understand that in order to become the best version of ourselves we have to be willing to receive guidance and feedback. Just like an athlete, a business professional needs the perspective of an outsider who can see the things that he or she cannot. I have witnessed some amazing changes both in people and in their businesses and it was all due to coaching. Running a business is one of the most exciting, rewarding but also challenging things we will ever do. But just because you are in business for yourself, does not mean you have to be by yourself. Let me introduce you to an entire community of business owners who like you, are truly determined to build the business of their dreams and are doing it.

I believe that although a business can be a huge part of our life it does not have to run our life. The business is merely a vehicle which provides us the resources to live the life we desire. As your Business Coach, I will help you break through your most difficult barriers using proven tools, methodologies and strategies which have been perfected with over 15,000 businesses worldwide for the past two decades. Where will your business be in 17 weeks? That’s all I need to begin delivering results with you and your team. Guaranteed!

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